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Detection of dry bloodstains on different fabrics after

blood stain detection benzidine pdf

Investigation of choice for blood grouping in old blood. SIMPLIFIED PRELIMINARY BLOOD TESTING An Improved Technique and a Comparative Study of Methods* Morris Grodsky, Keith Wright, and Paul L. Kirk Paul L. Kirk, Professor of Biochemistry and Criminology, University of Cali-fornia, has undertaken a series of studies on blood tests. This is the first report on these studies. With the importance of, 20/02/2015 · Blood is a common body fluid detected on pieces of evidence found at crime scenes, especially at scenes of violent crimes. Before DNA profiling can be performed, the presence of a potential biological stain, for example, blood, needs to be visually detected. White light and the visible eye or a low‐power microscope can be used for a standard.


(PDF) Examination of Traces of Blood Stains on Different. phenolphthalein as a presumptive test for blood, it can be concluded that: 1) For the direct testing of dried stains the three stage test is less sensitive than benzidine, but nevertheless sufficiently sensitive for general screening purposes where the detection of blood beyond dilutions of 10-3 is not required. In instances where greater, 3,3'-Diaminobenzidine (DAB) is an organic compound with the formula (C 6 H 3 (NH 2) 2) 2. This derivative of benzidine is a precursor to polybenzimidazole, which forms fibers that are renowned for their chemical and thermal stability. As its water-soluble tetrahydrochloride, DAB has been used in immunohistochemical staining of nucleic acids and.